Hi I’m Anxious - Over-functioning, anxiety management, high achieving women, anxiety, overthinking, perfectionism

Katy Dahl - Anxiety Management Mentor, Overcomer

Welcome to “Hi I’m Anxious.” Are you an over-functioning, high-achieving, over-thinking perfectionist but an amazing woman who also suffers incessantly with anxiety? You are not alone. Hi I’m Katy Dahl and I am an HR professional, business owner, entrepreneur, wife, and mom and I have suffered from anxiety for what seems like forever. For as long as I can remember, anxiety has been part of my life. It’s the ugly little friend that rears its head at the time that is most inconvenient… when I want to be most present with my family, at the high pressure business meeting, when I am awake in bed at night worrying instead of sleeping. Anxiety has crept into otherwise perfect moments in my life and stolen that joy from me. l I was recently diagnosed with anxiety and I found that there were some tools for managing it. I don’t think I’ll ever be free from anxiety, but now I am equipped to overcome it and enjoy life despite it. Together, on this podcast, we’re going to work through mind management, physical health, and getting the support we need. We’re going to hear from experts, therapists, and psychologists, and we’re going to dive into the tools you can use so you can go from “Hi I’m Anxious” to “Hi I’m way less anxious.” So put down that third cup of coffee, swap it for some lemon water, we’re about to get this thing under control. IG @hiimanxiouspodcast Connect-> support@hiimanxious.com read less