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Got a tricky question and don’t know where to turn? Introducing Ask Ovie, the podcast that is all about you. Worried about turning 30? Checking your partner’s phone? Finding it hard to stay motivated? We’ve got you covered.

Ovie Soko, professional basketball player and former Love Island contestant, and a few famous voices along the way, will do their best to answer your questions. They’ll problem solve real-life scenarios and offer advice that will change your outlook on life. Expect thought-provoking ideas, inspiring stories, and lots of laughter.

You can visit the Ask Oviewebsite to record your own voice notes, and Ovie will do his best to answer them on an upcoming podcast episode.

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Our Editor's Take

Sometimes people hide their troubles and are afraid to ask for help. That's where the Ask Ovie podcast comes in. It can be difficult to think of alternatives or approach a challenging situation. While Ovie can't tell listeners exactly what to do, he can offer a fresh perspective and a compassionate ear. In each episode, Ovie helps listeners through challenging dilemmas.

Ovie Soko has lived a life full of interesting experiences. Born in London, he moved to the US to attend college at the University of Alabama. He then returned to his hometown to play basketball for the London Lions. He's lived a varied life, moving on to appear on the reality show Love Island. These experiences help him bring his unique perspective to the podcast. It leads him to have fascinating conversations with many notable guests.

An example of one of these conversations is Ovie interviewing Gemma Styles. Gemma is a celebrated writer, podcaster, and the founder of Gemma Styles Eyewear. She is also the sister of Harry Styles. In the episode, the two discuss dating, relationships, and love. Ovie also asks Gemma questions about her career and life. The episode leaves listeners with a better understanding of who she is and what she does. Ovie's discussions with guests like Gemma feel relatable and accessible to listeners. They discuss topics that affect everyone.

At the end of each episode, Ovie plays a game called Dilemma Roulette. In this entertaining segment, Ovie proposes would-you-rather questions. Would guests prefer to breathe fire every time they speak or have everything they touch turn to stone? Would they rather solve their financial issues, health issues, or love issues? Audiences have to listen in to hear what Ovie and his guests would choose and why.

All episodes of Ask Ovie are available now on Amazon Music.

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