A Slight Tangent: 'All-Ireland hurling wins are overrated', Messi's double-standard, loving sport when you work in it

OTB Daily

20-12-2022 • 54 mins

Joe Molloy was joined by Mick McCarthy, Arthur James O'Dea and, with Will O'Callaghan on his holidays this week, OTB AM's own Colm Boohig for another edition of A Slight Tangent! (04:00) Colm's question: What's the best sport to be elite at? (16:00) Loving sport when you work in it. (26:00) The most overrated Irish sporting achievement. (32:00) Why don't footballers tuck their shirts in anymore?! (35:00) The Lionel Messi dilemma: Why do (most) people still love him?