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Our weekly Autism Neurodivergent podcast helps families having Autistic children feel empowered and self manage their child's social, emotional and cognitive development.We're best described as Google Maps for Autism - helping families navigate from Point A to B in their parenting journey. read less
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πŸŽ™οΈThe 360 Method: Sibling Dynamics: Chaos, Co-regulation, and Cooperation
πŸŽ™οΈThe 360 Method: Sibling Dynamics: Chaos, Co-regulation, and Cooperation
Join us in this enlightening episode of Sibling Dynamics: Chaos, Co-regulation, and Cooperation, where we delve deep into the intricate dynamics of siblings within neurodiverse families. Hosted by Stacy Badon, a seasoned Autism 360 parent coach and sensory enrichment therapist, this episode uncovers the often overlooked complexities and nuances of sibling relationships in households with autistic children.From the outset, Stacy sets the stage by highlighting the inherent chaos and unique challenges that come with raising multiple children, especially when one is neurodivergent. Through candid discussion and compassionate insight, she invites listeners to explore the multifaceted nature of sibling dynamics, extending beyond just biological siblings to cousins and close family friends who share significant social interactions.Drawing from her wealth of experience as an autism educator and advocate, Stacy emphasizes the critical role of parent empowerment in understanding and supporting autistic identities within the family dynamic. With unwavering determination, she seeks to reshape societal perceptions of autism while championing the inherent strengths and advocacy potential of siblings within neurodiverse families.Throughout the episode, Stacy unveils practical strategies for navigating the daily challenges and celebrating the unique opportunities that arise within sibling relationships. From addressing feelings of jealousy and guilt to fostering open communication and understanding, she offers invaluable insights into nurturing healthy sibling bonds amidst the complexities of neurodiversity.Listeners are invited to embark on a journey of discovery, where Stacy delves into the special feelings and experiences of siblings, providing actionable guidance for parents and caregivers alike. Through thoughtful reflection and community engagement, this episode encourages a deeper understanding of sibling dynamics within the context of autism, empowering families to thrive and flourish together.To watch the full webinar with Stacy, download the Autism 360 app at and gain invaluable insights. Autism 360 App - 7 Day free trial