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Be inspired by the best leaders of Southeast Asia tech. Jeremy Au is a VC, serial entrepreneur & Harvard MBA interviewing brave founders, investors & rising stars. Build the future, learn from the past & stay human in between. No B.S on success. Get transcripts, startup resources & community discussions at www.jeremyau.com.

New episodes every Monday & Thursday. Looking for more guests from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines & Singapore. Dad, hiking & tea.

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Michael Lints: Founders Journey, VCs Position of Trust & Sharing Your Writing
Michael Lints has over 20 years of experience helping innovative businesses obtain the resources, insights, and expertise they need in order to be successful. Michael has been a startup operator, investor, and mentor, and is currently a Partner at the Singapore-based venture capital firm Golden Gate Ventures. He joined the firm in 2013 and is currently leading growth venture efforts, which include LP fundraising and portfolio management for Golden Gate Venture's investments at Series B and beyond.  Michael’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2000 when he co-founded an IT managed services startup in Europe that was acquired by a large data and telecom company six years later. In 2007, Michael founded a venture fund focused on Dutch small- and medium-sized enterprises to help them with capital financing, business development, and strategy. During the same period, he was invited to join the Economic Development Board Rotterdam as Vice Chairman. In that role, he launched the Young Economic Development Board where he brought together a highly influential Dutch network to develop a sustainable framework for public-private relationships that increased local business investment while leveraging the public infrastructure.  Outside of work, sport is an essential part of Michael’s life. He is a former member of the Dutch karate team and the former ambassador for Treknology (Trek bikes distributor in Singapore). Michael actively participates in Ironman 70.3 races and marathons. He is also passionate about social justice and uses sport as a vehicle to raise awareness for important issues such as civil rights, economic opportunity, and education. Besides sport, Michael is an active writer and writes articles regarding life, balance, and venture capital on michaellints.com. Show notes at: https://www.jeremyau.com/blog/michael-lints You can find the community discussion for this episode at: https://club.jeremyau.com/c/podcasts/michael-lints
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Simon Baldwin: Environmental Sustainability, Igniting Industry ESG & Founder Family LifeProjjal Ghatak:  Stanford GSB Experience, Uber War Stories & Founder Safety NetsJoshua Simon: Radio & Creator Journey, LGBTQ Representation & Staying True to YourselfAnita Hossain: Empathetic Coaching, Thriving Communities & Navigating Career TransitionsElise Tan: Bridging VCs and Founders, NOC Mafia  and Impact InvestingBrian Toh: Digital Health, Combating Medical Misinformation and Seeking AdviceHazel Savage: Employee #25 at Shazam, Music Tech, and Working InternationallyKaren Tay: Leading Equitable Transformation, Government’s Role in Tech and Avoiding BurnoutSpencer Yang: Founder vs Operator Trade-offs, Angel Investing Frameworks and  Cultivating RelationshipsReginald Koh: Podcasting Pioneer, Personal Finance Advocate and Overcoming Fake GurusJingjin Liu:  Sexual Wellness, Empowering Female Founders, and Destigmatizing TaboosGrace Sai: ASEAN Scholar, Social Entrepreneurship and a Purpose Driven LifeAndre Lorenceau: Deeptech Founder Learnings, Mental Health & Sticking Fingers Into The MachineJason Ho: Strengths-Based Coaching, Elephant Riders & World-Class LeadershipMark Shmulevich: Startup C-Suite, Executive Coaching & Angel Investing
Mark Shmulevich is a senior executive in technology business and early-stage investor. He is an avid supporter of education, talent development, science and technology as key drivers of societal progress. Mark’s professional track record includes both public and private sector experience, while the industry domains he has worked in range from space and quantum technologies to artificial intelligence (AI). Dr. Mark Shmulevich has been COO and SVP at TAIGER, an NLP AI software company, since 2018. Headquartered in Singapore, TAIGER pioneers AI products that use human-like logic to automatically read, understand and extract information. Previously, Mark was Chief Strategy and Operations Officer at Acronis, a global software and services company working on efficient data storage, protection and security. Acronis achieved the $2B+ valuation and serves over 500,000 customers worldwide. In 2012, at the age of 29, Dr. Shmulevich was appointed Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) of Russia, responsible for policy making in IT and IT industry support. He suggested and implemented changes to legislation allowing small and medium IT companies to enjoy a tax regime more beneficial for innovation, as well as simpler employment schemes for highly qualified foreign talent. Dr. Shmulevich is an advisory board member of Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) Innovation Centre (ICT branch). SMART supports entrepreneurship in Singapore, providing grant support and mentoring to the project teams. He is also a board member of SGTech, the largest technology business federation in Singapore. In 2020, Dr. Shmulevich was appointed Chairman of its Digital Transformation Chapter. He is married and has two daughters. Mark resides in Singapore with his family since 2016. Show notes at: https://www.jeremyau.com/blog/mark-shmulevich You can find the community discussion for this episode at: https://club.jeremyau.com/c/podcasts/mark-shmulevich This episode is produced by Kyle Ong.
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