Episode 20: Optimizing Your Central Nervous System with Nadya Lutz!

Holistic Health Educators

26-10-2021 • 35 mins

Episode 20: Optimizing Your Central Nervous System With Nadya Lutz

Hello and welcome everyone to today's Bodcast

All about the nervous system and different

Ways to optimize the nervous system we've been

Talking all about the nervous system this month

Uh because it control controls so many systems in

Our body control so many physiological processes

And so today we have the absolute pleasure of

Hearing from Nadya Lutz. Nadya is dedicated to

The nervous system uh everything from brain health

To your body's health your nerve health how it's

All related neurology applied neurology and so she

Is going to be teaching us so a little bit about

Our nervous system as well as some ways we can

Optimize our nervous system both with and without

Technology so Nadya if you would like to introduce

Yourself and your background a little bit more and

Then we'll just jump right into this question and

Answer session.