Bloody FM

From creator Jon Grilz, a collection of the most famous and disturbing creepypastas and urban legends in the world. Listener discretion is advised. Story requests can be made on Instagram @creepypod or via email at read less

Our Editor's Take

Many scary stories and urban legends exist in the world. The Creepy podcast focuses on showing that side of horror in a creative way. This unique audio narrative podcast is terrifying and engaging for all horror fans.

Each episode of Creepy explores tales of the spooky and the supernatural. For an hour or less, the podcast presents a series of short stories the audience suggests. These stories can come from various places, whether a popular creepypasta or a forgotten legend from the public domain.

A team of different hosts narrates these pieces. This team includes the likes of Megan McDuffee, Heather Thomas, and Nate DuFort. These talents provide distinct voices that set the narrative's tone. Each narrator uses their vocal skills to invoke the macabre and sinister. Such a feature of the podcast is something that the listeners can appreciate.

Through the Creepy podcast website, listeners can enjoy the storytelling fun. They can write and submit their fiction pieces for the chance that their story will appear in the show. This interactivity makes the series unique and engaging. From ghost stories to campground slaughters, each story is as imaginative as it is scary.

Because of its unique approach to audio drama, all kinds of horror fans might enjoy this show. It offers a long list of frightening, spooky, and even fun tales to listen to. It is an immersive experience with narration, sound effects, and engaging storytelling. Listeners can also expect new content throughout the year. Whether it's the Halloween season or springtime, the show promises to provide a horror experience. Such a promise is why Creepy is an excellent choice for both old and new listeners.

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