Attention Deficit

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Two brothers, Grayson (29) and Carson Black (17), catch up and kick back as one prepares to move across the world for the Peace Corps and the other moves across the county for their senior year. From topics as serious as life, death, and change, to topics as entertaining as video games, wrestling, and music, its sure to be a good time no matter where to conversation goes. read less


Talkin’ Music - Episode 2 - Attention Deficit
Talkin’ Music - Episode 2 - Attention Deficit
Grayson and Carson sit down with brother and guest Walker Davis, for the second episode of Attention Deficit pod. On this second episode we are talking everything music, from our favorite bands, to our most underrated bands, to songs that instantly make us feel.  As always, we greet you with an update for the first half of the show, then dive deep into the content. We are so excited to have Walker Davis on the show this week. Walker is Grayson's half brother, and a brother in bond to Carson. Music is such a huge part of who all three of us are, and so much of that relates back to dad once again. Steve Black was a father-figure to us all, and a love for music is just one of the many qualities he instilled in us. We all have a passion for music and had a blast exploring this topic. We also have a new segment this week at the end of the show, where next episodes host picks the topic for the next episode. From here forward, Grayson and Carson will take turns hosting the show, and at the end of each episode, next episode's host will roll a 20-sided die to determine the next subject area. Each number on the die corresponds with a topic, and those are as follows: 1. Fan chosen topic (put your ideas in the comments!) 2. Gaming 3. Wrestling 4. Cinema 5. Music 6. Sports 7. Places 8. Technology 9. Historical Figures 10. True Crime 11. Conspiracies 12. Books 13. Cults 14. Food 15. Animals 16. Art 17. Professions 18. Dad Talk 19. Fashion 20. Host's Choice Some of these are subject to change based on what we find interesting. We never want the conversation to feel stale! If you decide to listen, know that we appreciate you.  Ride on.