Boulton from Boulton

Matthew Boulton

Brothers Josh and Matt Boulton set each other up for lively hockey talk. Perspective and fun on all things hockey and sports. Kitchen banter like you do with your own family and friends.

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Ep. 25: Chad Trenholm: Boulton boys' "big brother"
Ep. 25: Chad Trenholm: Boulton boys' "big brother"
The boys welcome on an old Cole Harbour family friend who's got perspective on hockey as a player, coach, dad, and now web provider and podcast host. There's fun and relatable stories for all in this vast-ranging discussion, as the trio hit on:-Big hockey events in Cole Harbour hockey growing up-Their "big brother" and role model Chad-Junior hat trick on evening TV (possibly only trick of career)-Coaching days and what's important-Coaching Sidney Crosby and when he knew he was beyond special-Taking on a stepson through hockey and watching and guiding him-His own son's trials and the lessons he taught the parents-Son Connor's hockey dream and dad's pride in seeing him chip away (presently quite successfully in the QMJHL, mind you)-New business venture providing league management "as it should be" (Visit GrayJay Web Solutions at for details)-Rode Trips podcast and how it inspired inviting guests onto Boulton from Boulton ( would Chad take off a Boulton-Boulton-Boulton line to insert himself? (and more fun in our One-Timers segment)-Way, way moreLINKS:GrayJay Web Solutions: Scotia U15 Major Hockey League website (first happy client): about Rode Trips podcast: full Chad junior hat trick highlights: this epidsode on YouTube: