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The People's Countryside

This podcast's for anyone wanting to explore the big issues, stretching your thinking in relatable ways. Well known personalities, Stuart ‘The Wildman’ Mabbutt and photographer William Mankelow, two men in their 40s, who aren't experts, but have opinions, authentic views and no scripts. Join them on meandering conversations about nature, philosophy, climate, the human condition, and sustainability. Sometimes joined by guests, or discussing listener questions between themselves. Always full of fun anecdotes and a bit of silliness. https://linktr.ee/thepeoplescountryside
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17 mins
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"Many people claim protesters and activists are obviously rich to be able to take time out to protest. I don’t see this myself, I see ordinary people, some rich, some poor, making sacrifices to protest. I see wealthier people, using their savings, making themselves poor, to fund protesting. I see poor people, with nothing, sacrificing the little they have to protest. The wealthier are called entitled, the poor accused of funding protests via benefits. These insults contribute nothing, they are just words. We’re all just renting the space we inhabit, none of us truly own anything. My big concern is individualising the solutions to the climate and ecological crisis we most certainly face, takes the pressure off the fossil fuel industries, who are the big players in saving humanity". Join hosts Stuart and William, in their usual far reaching discussion style podcast, as they examine a question from Wendy in Exeter, Devon, England. They're here to persuade, entertain and inspire you to make different choices in the way we go forward in life, individually and collectively. Do you have a question you'd like Stuart and William to examine, mull over, explore, discuss, delve into or debate? Send us an email thepeoplescountryside@gmail.com with your name, where you're listening from, and your question. Or you can record your question in your own voice by going to https://anchor.fm/thepeoplescountryside/message. Support this work through Patreon or just 'follow' so you don't miss any of the public posts  https://www.patreon.com/thepeoplescountryside --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thepeoplescountryside/message
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