Memorising Common English Vocabulary And Phrases Using Music Ep 533

Learn English Through Listening

28-04-2022 • 11 mins

Today we are going to look at a memorising technique that uses music. We are going to see how you can apply this powerful learning approach to making learning English vocabulary and phrases easier. Music is a fantastic way to get new vocabulary into your brain.  It’s an easy way to improve your English vocabulary and fluency. This  is a method that I have found to be really effective and at the end of the podcast, I discuss the facts that support why it works.

How Studying English Words And Phrases With Music Helps Me Remember

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You  will often hear us talk about repeat listening and spaced repetition as  the go to learning technique for improving your English language  comprehension. But we don’t talk as much about techniques for learning  English phrases and vocabulary. So in today’s English phrases and  vocabulary lesson, we are going to talk about things you can do to help you with remembering lists of common English words, like the days of the month, days of the week, etc.

If  you are new here, welcome! I’d like to mention that we have a principle  here in Adept English, a principle of only learning useful English. The  English you need to hold a fluent English conversation in the UK today.  We avoid using dry old English books with vocabulary and phrases you  just don’t hear being used in everyday English conversations.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
⭐ Chinese Proverb

We  are all busy people, and our time is precious. We want you to be  efficient and spend your English learning time as effectively as  possible. It’s why we have a course which helps you focus on the 500 most common English words, which make  up around 80% of all the words you would use in a conversation with just  about anyone right here in the UK today.

The point is, you learn  the vocabulary you need first and then move on to specialist vocabulary.  You don’t learn about English vocabulary for flying a plane if you’re  only ever going to work in a hotel or drive a taxi. You might want to  learn plane specific vocabulary eventually, but you would definitely  want to learn the 500 most common words first. And then learn hotel or  taxi specific vocabulary and then finally you're going to invest the  time in learning about planes.

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