Acceleration in Your Boat (Mentorship)

Apostle Priji Varghese

08-05-2024 • 1 hr 51 mins

Tune in for the mentorship session with Apostle Priji as he answers few of the questions below:

1. The destiny that God has for us. What if we miss out on our destiny because of our failure to understand the heart and mind of God? What remains of our purpose then!? I believe that our destiny is connected to the man of God we have submitted to. Can my submission to my man of God lead me to my destiny that God has for me, even when I have failed previously?

2. Since we have been learning about the spirit of Elijah and Enoch and how a person can tap into it, can a person even tap into multiple spirits and carry it in their life?

3. What is sexual purity and how can we define sexual purity from the perspective of God? Can you please teach us how to remain holy and pure?

4. When do we know what we have is faith and belief for something versus just mere excitement (out of an adrenaline rush) from a moment about a word spoken or released? And how do we work on nurturing this faith that is from a seed state to it growing bigger?