Discerning the Supernatural (Mentorship)

Apostle Priji Varghese

14-02-2024 • 1 hr 56 mins

Tune in for the mentorship session with Apostle Priji. And he covered below topics

Purpose of Pursuit: Emphasizing the importance of pursuing God's presence and power for transformation, not just for personal gain or spiritual experiences.

Understanding Spiritual Encounters: Exploring the significance of supernatural encounters in the context of divine assignments and spiritual growth, cautioning against seeking encounters without discernment.

Accountability and Discernment: Highlighting the necessity of being rooted in the Word of God, accountable to mentors, and exercising discernment to navigate spiritual experiences effectively.

Sufficiency in Weakness: Addressing the concept of finding strength in weakness, surrendering to God's grace, and understanding that God can use individuals despite their imperfections and limitations.

Practical Application of Discernment: Providing practical advice on how to develop discernment, including surrounding oneself with discerning individuals, seeking guidance, and continuously practicing discernment in spiritual matters.

Hope this will bless you!