Learning Stories Episode 23 - Grachel Monis

Learning Stories

13-04-2022 • 1 hr 6 mins

On Episode 23 of #LearningStories we chat with Grachel Monis. She is a teacher, mother, wife, voracious reader, avid anime watcher, closet writer/ amateur poet, artist (exclusively for loved ones) and ‘enthusiastic eater' code: for PCOS struggler. She is a full time wife & boy mum and is currently an IB Business Management and IGCSE Global Perspectives teacher by day. She has corporate experience in department coordination, Business Development, Marketing, Copywriting, PR, social media account management. She completed a Bachelors in Commerce (major accounting and management) at university. Having studied in 3 curriculums - IGCSE, Maharashtra state, CBSE across 3 countries over 2+ decades - it's safe to say that w/ and w/o volition it's been a fun ride wherein she was 100% Grachel across all trades and walks of life thus far.