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Tina K Davis

Welcome to "The Art Of Attention for Women Entrepreneurs," the go-to podcast for the modern woman entrepreneur who seeks to find ways to focus and drive her business to success. Are you struggling with distractions, mental clutter, and overwhelm? Then this show is made just for you, girl! Hosted by Tina K Davis, an experienced entrepreneur and business coach who struggles with ADHD herself, this weekly video podcast is designed to be your informal guide to real results. Each episode digs into the real issues you face, providing actionable and easy-to-follow steps to eliminate those distracting hurdles that keep you from your goals. Through candid conversations, expert insights, and practical advice, "The Art Of Attention for Women Entrepreneurs" aims to empower you to focus on what matters most in your business. Together, we will streamline your thought process, enhance your productivity, and foster an environment where your business doesn't just grow – it thrives! ▶️ What to Expect: Weekly Episodes: Join us every week for a new episode packed with value and real talk. Actionable Tips: Each episode delivers hands-on strategies that you can implement immediately. Community Support: Be part of a supportive community of like-minded women entrepreneurs who are on this journey with you. Ladies, don't let the noise of everyday life drown out your business dreams. Subscribe now, and let's build a path to success, free from distractions and overwhelm. Your future starts here. Want to work together? Join the Brand Mindset Academy at read less


Clearing Clutter for Entrepreneurs: Boosting Focus & Productivity
Clearing Clutter for Entrepreneurs: Boosting Focus & Productivity
Author Tina K DavisWelcome to The Art of Attention, where we focus on what matters most in your business with your host, Tina K Davis, a multi-business owner who knows the struggle of ADHD firsthand.  Navigate the maze of distractions with real tips, real talk, and real success. Ready to dive in? Let's get to work!1. IntroductionIn this episode we will dive into the unpleasant truth of how clutter kills our focus. 2. OutlineUnderstanding the Connection Between Clutter and Focus:Physical Clutter: We'll discuss how a disorganized workspace can lead to feelings of chaos, overwhelm, and distraction. I'll provide examples of how tidying up can lead to a more productive and focused work environment.Mental Clutter: This one is a doozie. Listen in while I explain the concept of mental clutter, how an overload of thoughts and unfinished tasks can hinder concentration, and introduce techniques for mental decluttering like mindfulness, meditation, or prioritizing tasks.Practical Strategies to Declutter Your Life:Physical Decluttering: Actionable steps to organize the workspace, including methods for sorting, simplifying, and maintaining order. Explain how a clean and organized environment fosters creativity and efficiency.Mental Decluttering: Techniques to clear mental space, such as setting clear goals, creating to-do lists, practicing mindfulness, or my handy dandy day planner that can assist in focusing and reducing distractions.The Long-Term Impact of a Decluttered Mind and Space:Improving Work-Life Balance: Ladies, let's explore how decluttering can lead to a more balanced and enjoyable life, as organization in both mental and physical aspects frees up time and energy - considering none of have enough of either!Enhancing Focus and Productivity: By then end you will have insights on how ongoing maintenance of both mental and physical spaces leads to sustained focus, increased productivity, and overall success in business.The goal of this episode is to provide a comprehensive overview of the subject, connecting the concepts of mental and physical clutter to practical solutions, and illustrating the positive impacts of decluttering on focus and productivity for women in business. After all, we just want to get to work. 3. Continuing the Journey Opportunities to work directly with the host - Join the Brand Mindset Academy 4. FREE DownloadA fast and FREE way to get to work and move past mental clutter is to download the Anti Distraction Planner and start taking action today!!  Click here and get your planner TODAY!