Necessity is the mother of invention... even if it takes a while


30-06-2022 • 12 mins

Some items in Birdman Dad's aviaries have been in need of a change for some time and this winter it has happened - a bit like the automatic watering system in the summer - it just takes a while to get things sorted, especially during the past few years of material and tradesmen shortages.  A long standing issue of bird breakfasts getting wet when it's raining has finally been solved.  And both Birdman Dad and the birds are happy with the solution!

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Just answer the question of what is the special idea that we humans could use in new building glass that would make both birds and humans happy.  The hint: it has to do with what birds can see but that we humans can not see.  Just drop us a message on either our You Tube, instagram or facebook pages with the answer!