A grass parrot coloured like a rainbow - the beautiful scarlet chested parrot.


18-08-2022 • 13 mins

The scarlet chested parrot would have to be one of the most colourful small parrots of Australia; a little parrot ,hat like the budgie , has found itself living in the most unusual places throughout the world.  What was once a common bird seen in and around the Swan Valley of Western Australia is now only seen naturally in the more remote, desert areas on the very fringes of human occupation.  So cherished were the scarlet chested parrots ,they were shipped all over the globe, long before native animal exports were halted.  This amazing little bird has been bred throughout the aviaries of Europe and the Americas to produce the most astounding natural colours that would never be imagined when a novice looks at a normal scarlet chested parrot.
These unassuming, but stunningly beautiful parrots have made their way into the hearts and homes of many a bird lover.
Birdman Dad chats about his love of the normal scarlet chested parrot and caring for them in these cooler months moving into breeding season and the many colours he used to keep in years prior.
Though primarily about scarlet chested parrots Birdman Dad just shares some recent activity with his finches and offers up some suggestions on what you could be doing in your aviaries at this time of year.