Come visit Bird Paradise Singapore!


19-06-2023 • 8 mins

A special treat for our loyal BirdCast listeners - a special episode for your enjoyment and education!
For decades Jurong Bird Park in Singapore held the mantle of the biggest and most impressive bird collection available for viewing and exhibition to the general public. Jurong Bird Park had the biggest man made waterfall located inside a massive walk in avairy - 30 m tall - and the aviary was lush and planted out in all types of plants and flowers.  The bird collection was astounding and at the time the park demonstrated some of the most innovative bird housing arrangements.
But as time moves on and technology improves Jurong's environment became outdated and so has been re-invented and re-invigorated into Bird Paradise!
Bird Paradise is located within the Mandai Wildlife Reserve of Singapore. It sits alongside the Singapore Zoo.
Bird Paradise has utilised the most up to date aviary construction methods and materials and hosts a multitude of absolutely enormous walk-in-avairy collections. Bird Paradise covers around 17 hectares (42 acres) offering double the walk-in-avairy spaces of Jurong Bird Park.
A must see is the Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands - which houses free flying macaws of all types AND the re-created Jurong Falls - although still spectacular and offering a much appreciated cooling mist in the very humid weather of Singapore - the new waterfall is 20m tall - never the less it is still spectacular!
If you are visiting Singapore and have even a slight appreciation for birds, do make the effort to go and visit Bird Paradise.
If you are like Birdman Dad and the BirdCast team Bird Paradise is sure to become your bird pilgrimage site.

We have placed photos and videos on instagram, Facebook and have also created a You Tube video of the visit.