Solid Air - how to save millions of wild birds in Australia


02-06-2022 • 26 mins

"We are their only, hope, and I am confident we will make our windows safe for birds because it is the right thing to do."  Dr Daniel Klem Jnr, 2021.

This is the third episode concerning the very large conservation issue of wild bird deaths because of clear glass/plastic used as glass - the glass we have in windows, sliding doors and pool fencing.  This episode is all about what we are doing in Australia, how much an issue it is in Australia and what products are available today for purchase in Australia to make glass bird safe.

BirdCast encourages all Australians to supply information to Birdlife Australia, and/or the Global Bird Collision Mapper - for without enough Australian based information (despite the international data) building codes and all three levels of Australian government are highly unlikely to change to become bird safe.

A first for BirdCast is our first listener competition! Be sure to listen in for the information we require for an entry.
We can only accept entries who have an Australian based postal address.
Good luck to all our interested listeners!

Bird strike information:

Birdlife Australia - Bird Strike Project:
Online survey

Global Bird Collision Mapper:

Retrofitting existing windows and glass pool fencing:


Zen Curtain - paracord curtain: DIY instructions

Glass films:

Solyx film - the film used at Mary Cairncross Rainforest Discovery Centre

Feather Friendly Tape

CollidEscape stickers

New Glass:
Both these products are proven to be bird safe in all applications but are both based internationally.  If you are interested in new glass that is  bird safe in all applications suggest you contact National Glass Australia -

Walker Glass - AviProtekt T

Guardian Glass

BirdCast contact points for Competition:
What's on offer 2 x signed copies of Dr Dan Klem Jnr's book - Solid Air Invisible Killer: Saving Billions of Birds from Windows - Dr Dan Klem Jnr has also written an inscription inside the book - a special message to BirdCast listeners!