Solid Air - how to save millions of wild birds Pt2


19-05-2022 • 21 mins

As stunning and useful our glass windows, doors and pool fencing is; it conceals a dark secret - annually it is killing millions of our beautiful, free flying wild birds.. and that's a conservative estimate.
Help be part of effective change to this simple to solve environmental problem.
Become part of the critical mass of bird admirers that demand effective change to our glass users - builders, architects and government departments who control the use of glass in all our buildings.
Join our guest Dan Klem Jnr, the world authority on this very issue, as he discusses the solutions that exist to limit and reduce birds hitting our glass.  All of us can apply these effective, research proven strategies to the glass in our lives.




Dan Klem's book:

Making glass bird safe:

Existing glass:
Retro fitting film for existing glass (USA calls it tape)

The Paracord bird savers - Zen as used in Brisbane

Novel or new build glass:

Brisbane Commercial building using paracord: