Out of Step - when your aviaries just aren't suiting your birds anymore.


10-03-2022 • 14 mins

Even the best aviaries in the world can become outdated (in product options) and no longer servicing appropriately the birds kept within them.  New advancements in available products are always on the go and sometimes the species of bird you have selected to keep do not suit the actual aviaries you have in your backyard.  This is often a problem faced by birdkeepers on all scales from zoos to the backyard. So what can you do if this is the situation in your bird life?
Of course you can always just demolish them and either repurpose or resell the aviary materials - and we have done this a few times... or you can make the choice to re-design what you have to suit the bird species you keep - making both their lives and your own a little better.
This week Birdman Dad shares what items he has selected to add in to his re-designed aviaires. What was once a ringneck parrot complex, then a neophema one - is now mostly a home to a variety of finches and Birdman Dad explains some of the redesigned elements and what and how he added into his existing structures to make them more suitable to suit the species he now keep.
Hope this information helps someone in the redesign mode!
Photographs will be published on Birdman Dad's facebook, insta and reddit pages.