Solid Air - how to save billions of wild birds Pt1


05-05-2022 • 31 mins

Today's episode (Part1) is a plea to humans of our world to change what they are doing for the sake - and lives - of all wild birds. And everyone can take part - with somewhat reasonable ease - to alter their own solid air and literally save billions of our beautiful, wild birds.
For as "noice" as clear sheet glass (or the plastic alternative is) - you know the glass we use in windows, pool fencing, exhibit barracades, building frontages - reflective glass included -  this material is lethal to the free flying birds of our world.
But don't take BirdCast's word for it - instead listen to the world authority on this issue that has literally dedicated decades of his life to researching the issue, examining the existing building use of clear sheet glass and most importantly how each and every human on this planet can reduce this needless slaughter for the sake of an uninterupted view.  Daniel Klem (jnr) is a Professor of Ornithology and Conservation Biology at a University in Pennsylvania.  He has dedicated some 47 years to researching the issue of bird strike on glass windows/barricades and states that this issue is quite literally killing billions of birds worldwide..... yet no one is reporting the issue, and worse, we humans keep building with the glass as we have done for years, making no changes what so ever to rectify the bird deaths. We simply can not "offset" the magnitude of these wild bird deaths.
Dan has written a book on this exact topic, and how every human can take their own steps to reverse the carnage - from individual home owners, to Local Government Planning authorities, to National building Codes creators - every human has a role. Dan's book is called:
"Solid Air - Invisible Killer: saving billions of birds from windows".  The book explains that where ever standard clear or reflective sheet glass exists so do dead birds. But it also explains how easily this problem can be rectified.
Join BirdCast in this discussion of this significant environmental calamity, but also join us in the solutions.
This discussion will be presented over 2 episodes.

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