Aviary building with Birdman Dad


30-10-2022 • 9 mins

Building aviairies or remodelling existing aviaries can be as much as a hobby as the birds that end up in them.  Birdman dad has been building and remodelling aviaries either for himself or helping out other bird keepers with their aviaries for as long as he can remember.  This time he is building some holding aviaries for young birds - both parrots and finches.

Also this episode the Aviculture Society of South Australia has kindly donated one of their books - "Is it Safe?  The birdkeepers' pictorial guide to safe and poisonous plants".  If you are interested in winning this booklet please get onto our socials - insta, facebook, messenger or reddit and leave us a comment.  We will select a random winner and the book will be yours.  We only have one to giveaway and we will select the winner next fortnight - so be sure to let us know if you are interested!