NYOC 050: Informed Minds App Preventative Intervention

Not Your Ordinary Coach with Chet Hirani

17-12-2021 • 31 mins

Todays guest,  Sinead Welsh, who is a true visionary and has co-designed the Informed Minds App with students aged over 16yrs and employees along with her multi-disciplinary team over the last 2 years.

Sinead Welsh, aged 39, mum of 3 lovely little children, from rural Co. Tyrone a beautiful small town called Fintona. Sinead is Social Work trained from Queen's University Belfast, Founder of the Informed Minds App and an International Child Protection Specialist having spent over 10 years working for the Australian Government in Melbourne as a Case Conference Chair Lady, Court Officer, Family Law Court Liaison Advisor and Professional Trainer. Where she held the Child & Adult Mental Health Portfolios. Sinead has also worked alongside Victoria Police around the establishment of the Child Sexual Assault and Family Violence Investigation Teams.

The Informed Minds Ap has been co-created with students and employees aged 16+ in direct response to the high self-harm and suicide rates, locally, nationally and globally. We have found the Best way to bring Real People into Technology!

Today, Sinead shares her own story and explain what the Informed Minds App is and what is it doing to Prevent Intervention.

To find out more about Sinead go to:

Landing Page: https://informedmindsapp.com
Twitter: @sinead_welsh
Instagram: informedmindsapp
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/sinead-welsh-informed-minds-app®️📱-07b061b4
FB: @informedmindsapp

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