10. Why You Aren't Receiving What You Want?

The Unfiltered Diaries with Mihaela

14-04-2023 • 25 mins

On This Week's Episode I'm sharing the truth on why you aren't receiving the things you want in life, through my whole experiences and still to this day I'm sharing my thoughts on this discussion. This is really about understanding and digging deep into the false reality around us, the lies we tell ourselves and how it actually stunts and stops our growth from remaining in a receiving mode. I hope you enjoy this one, I felt it, and my only goal is to reach other people in a positive, real, transparent way to build the best community and show up in the best light not only for myself but for those around me, and that's exactly the way you should to! Always remember to do what feels right to you and leap into the unknown with what life has to offer you! No questions asked. Enjoy The Episode (2:50:00) Desiring Personal Goals & Dreams, Good or Delusional?  (7:59:00) You Can’t Just Ask Then Expect  (10:30:00) Throwing Your Power Away  (13:08:00) There’s No Excuses  (15:40:00) Nothing Is Ever Handed To Anyone & Never Wish Away What You Have Right In Front Of You, For Someone Else’s Life  (17:00:00) Actions & Implementing Them the Right Ways  (18:40:00) You Don’t Always Have To Know Where You’re Headed

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