0.8 How To Stop Giving To Much Fcks

The Unfiltered Diaries with Mihaela

24-03-2023 • 20 mins

Hellllooooo Y’all

This episode is all about :

How To Stop Giving To Much Fuck’s

I’m excited about, I’m glad I could reach out and even introduce my own ups & downs

Just know We’re all on the same playing feild, just running at different speeds, some are slower than other & faster.

But its not about competition or acheiving everything at once. It’s about the effort- time- consistency you put into life & your willingness to not give up even if you get or feel knocked down.

Were all here no matter what to experience our life & carve our paths. Its just about realising the path you create , make sure it’s an enjoyable process & journey, not for others, not for views and not to just be seen.

I really hope you enjoyed it, I hope you feel seen, inspired to just enjoy the life you have. No matter the feeling or ( life situation you are in ) Not your WHOLE LIFE!!

Gratitude for everything

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Appreciate the kindness and the listen

Enjoy The Episode

(1:25:00) Art of Not Giving a Fuck

(3:30:00) How To Stop Giving In

(5:33:00) No One Cares

(7:16:00) Have Ya Own Back

(8:53:00) Be Selfish or Selfless

(11:56:00)You Are What You Think & Believe

(14:00:00) Loneliness

(20:1100) Gratitude-Motivation- Ending

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