0.9 How To Reinvent Yourself!!?

The Unfiltered Diaries with Mihaela

03-04-2023 • 23 mins

On This Week's Episode We Talk All Thing's Of Reinvention - With no EXCUSES NEEDED!!

This episode we delve deep into Showing up as the best version of yourself, for real this time!

No beating around the bush on this one, you have to remember you have choices in this life time and there's only one of them.

Being in a scarcity mindset of not letting yourself flourish and evolve is Illegal BEHAVIOUR !! ( That is my go to word for everything lol)

I hope you get some sort of Value out of this. Remember no amount of podcast's books, personal trainers, mentors what ever will ever push you to make the choices you want out of life. It's what you put in you get out.

Enjoy the episode and let me know what you personally think about the podcast in whatever way you want!

Enjoy The Episode

(1:35:00) You Don’t Need A Story To Sell Yourself!!

(4:22:00) Have Self Compassion For Yourself?

(10:50:00) Generosity

(14:30:00) It’s About The Journey

(17:11:00) Your Network is Your NetWorth

(22:16:00) Life Is A Playing Field

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