0.3 Friendship's, Growing Up, Knowing When to Walk away, True Vs Fake Friendship

The Unfiltered Diaries with Mihaela

06-02-2023 • 22 mins

Episode Introduction  This Episode say's it how it is , I hope this gives you something you've been looking for... a signnnnn, well damn, if you've been feeling lost, feeling like you just ain't attracting the right friendships, you always keep attracting energy vampire's this epsiode is for you. Here we delve into what friendships should at least feel like, and how most importantly, you need to show up as a friend for yourself before anyone else .... or else you will just attract and allow people to step- walk all over you .  No friendship is perfect and nothing can be matched or compared to each individual one so always remember that! but also remember you can love and care for someone so deeply a friend like a sister and still have your loyalty disrespected. Take Care of You first!, Being open and engaged in conversation with people you care about is key, is someone goes cold turkey on you after you expressing your feelings towards something, its ironic is their sense and best leave them to it.  Time Slots  (38:0:00) Introduction (1:30:00) Establishing New Friendships As You Get Older, Hard? Easy? (2:35:00) Expectations In Creating New Friends (3:00:00) Feeling Out Of Balance With Past Friendships (3:50:00) Taking a Different Route In Friendships (4:25:00) Manifesting A Current Friendship, Getting outside Your Comfort zone (5:30:00) Trying Too Hard, Always Being The One To Make Plans? (6:25:00) Is it Time To Step Away From Unhealthy Friendships? Or Groups? (7:00:00) Social Media Influencing Shitty Behaviour Inability To Keep Relationships? (7:50:00) False Friendships (8:00:00) We’ve All Been An Unreliable Friend? (8:55:00) Patterns Of False Friendships (11:08:00) Patterns Of Real Friendships (11:35:00) Balance And Nature, There Alway’s Has To Be Healthy Disagreement’s (14:00:00) Knowing When To Walk Away! (14:30:00) Feeling’s That May Push You To Walk Away (15:50:00) Sometime’s Friendship’s Just Naturally Drift And That’s Okay! (17:40:00) My Friendship Dilemma (20:48:00) This Has Been The Unfiltered Diaries With Me Mihaela x  https://www.instagram.com/_mihaelaalice_/ Tiktok mihaelaalicex

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