The Journey of NAB’s Marketing Technology Transformation

Growth Colony: Australia's B2B Growth Podcast

10-01-2024 • 32 mins

Suzana Ristevski, CMO, Executive Group Marketing of NAB chats with Shahin Hoda of xGrowth about how one of the biggest banks in Australia transformed their marketing technology in 5 years.

What to expect in the episode...

  • What MarTech transformations look like for big companies like NAB
  • The main components of the new NAB MarTech stack
  • Generative AI for banks

Suzana first joined NAB in January 2017 as General Manager, Business Bank Marketing & Customer Strategy and is currently the Chief Marketing Officer, Executive Group Marketing.

Prior to joining NAB in January 2018, Suzana worked in various marketing and product leadership roles at GE, Optus Telecommunications, Medical Benefits Private Health Insurance Fund and 20th Century Fox in London.

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Hosted & Produced by Shahin Hoda, Allysa Maywald & Alexander Hipwell, from xGrowth.

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