2024 State of ABM in APAC: Live Q&A and Insights Unveiled

Growth Colony: Australia's B2B Growth Podcast

25-03-2024 • 58 mins

Join us to unpack the results from our recent State of Account-Based Marketing in APAC report.

​We briefly overview the report findings before moving into the Q&A.

​In this session, we aimed to answer as many of your questions about ABM and the specific challenges of running ABM in APAC as possible.

Get your copy of the ABM in APAC report here: https://abm.xgrowth.com.au/2023-report/

​The report provides valuable and engaging information for B2B industry professionals seeking greater insight and understanding of how ABM is currently run in the APAC region.

​Over one hundred CMOs, VPs and Head of Marketing participated in our survey alongside our experts to discuss ABM insights, strategies and future predictions.

​The consistent takeaway? APAC remains bullish on ABM.

Prefer to watch? Check out the event on our YouTube channel.


🎯 Get your copy of the report here: https://abm.xgrowth.com.au/2023-report/

Hosted & Produced by Alexander Hipwell, Shahin Hoda, Gus Shaw & Allysa Maywald from xGrowth.

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