Essential Elements of an ABM Tech Stack

Growth Colony: Australia's B2B Growth Podcast

18-12-2023 • 27 mins

Want to prepare your ABM tech stack for 2024? Well on the pod, we have Yulia Olennikova here to chat about the fundamentals of a tech stack that you should consider for your ABM. You'll also learn about...

  • Identifying your accounts
  • Being creative with one-to-few and one-to-one accounts
  • The predictions for the future of ABM tech stacks

Yulia is Head of Marketing at N.Rich, the leading European ABM platform. Previously, Yulia led the marketing launch of several products at Semrush (NYSE:SEMR), including Agency Growth Kit – now one of the fastest-growing revenue streams for the company. Ex-journalist and copywriter turned marketer, Yulia is passionate about social selling and content-centered growth strategies.


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Hosted & Produced by Shahin Hoda, Allysa Maywald & Alexander Hipwell, from xGrowth.

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