Rebroadcast | EP #157 Jenna Pipchuk: The Unified Commercial Engine: The Gold Standard of Sales & Marketing Alignment

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03-01-2024 • 30 mins

Shahin chats with Jenna Pipchuk, Chief Sales Officer at 3P Learning, about the Unified Commercial Engine (UCE) and how it can completely transform sales and marketing alignment.

Jenna’s commitment to excellence and innovation is turning heads for good reason. With a reputation for transparent leadership and building great teams, she is an influential force within the tech industry.

Former CSO of SMART Technologies, her insights and management transformed the SMART organisation to one driven by customer-centric, data-driven decision-making.

Her relationship-driven approach to her role, and emphasis on building better ways of working, earned her the well-deserved title of 2022 Channel Chief by CRN and a feature in the Harvard Business Review.

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