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Ryan Somers

Ryan Somers discovered he is Autistic in his early 40s, after years of wondering "What is wrong with me?" An experienced writer, performer, and broadcaster, he decided to document his journey of discovery as he learned about his own Autism, and went through the process of getting an official diagnosis.

This podcast features one-on-one conversations with other Autistic adults, discussing our experiences living as Autistic people in a Neurotypical world, learning, discovering, and finding community and support by connecting with others in the community of late-diagnosed and self-diagnosed Autistic adults.

This podcast is by and for adults living with Autism, and for anyone else who wants to listen in and learn about us, from us.#TheLifeAutistic

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Episode 30 -- Julia (Austria)
Episode 30 -- Julia (Austria)
Episode 30 -- Julie (Austria)This week, we welcome Julia, 27, from Austria, for a conversation touching on a variety of things, including moving from the Dominican Republic to Austria at the age of 5, the differences between living in a city and a small town, travelling, special interests, self-diagnosing with Autism at the age of 20, job interviews, working with a job coach, family dynamic, "coming out" as Autistic to family and friends, support networks, support groups, starting a local support group, masking, how Autism is viewed culturally in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, versus England, the USA, and Canada, Autism awareness and acceptance, viewing Autism as an illness, Autistic people in history, and if you were a fruit or vegetable, what kind of fruit or vegetable would you be? (Ha! Ha!) This is the link to the study on Autistics and job interviews that Julia mentioned in the show: you for listening. If you would like to contact us to appear on the show or to ask any questions or suggest topics, please email us at: or find us on instagram @thelifeautistic, twitter @lifeautisticpod, and facebook @thelifeautistic.Please support this show by subscribing, leaving a rating and review, and sharing on your own social media.If you would like to support our show further, you can find us at and you,Ryan and DrewThe Life Autistic PodcastSupport this show Hosted on Acast. See for more information.