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"Retiring and Aspiring" is a unique podcast that bridges the wisdom of experience with the enthusiasm of ambition. Hosted by Mitchell Leach, a pastoral candidate with a vision to lead, this podcast delves into the insightful world of retired pastors who have completed their journey in church leadership. Each episode features candid conversations with these seasoned leaders, uncovering the rich tapestry of their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Listeners, whether aspiring pastors or those interested in the dynamics of spiritual leadership, will find a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. read less
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Handling Accusations As a Lead Pastor | Scott VanOostendorp
4d ago
Handling Accusations As a Lead Pastor | Scott VanOostendorp
In this episode of the "Retiring and Aspiring" podcast, host Mitchell Leach interviews Scott VanUssendorp, a seasoned pastor with over 30 years of experience. Scott shares his journey in ministry, from his early years as an intern to becoming a lead pastor. He emphasizes the importance of personal spiritual growth as a pastor and the need to continually learn and evolve in ministry. Scott reflects on a pivotal moment in his career when a challenging situation arose within the church, testing his leadership. He shares how he and his leadership team navigated this crisis with grace and wisdom, highlighting the significance of trust, prayer, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in guiding them through difficult times. The podcast also touches on the topic of change in the church and how different individuals respond to it. Scott shares insights into handling change, emphasizing the importance of caring for congregants and building relationships with sincerity to foster openness to transformation. Listeners gain valuable lessons and timeless principles from Scott's wealth of experience in pastoral ministry, making this episode a must-listen for both aspiring and experienced pastors seeking wisdom and guidance in their roles. Don't miss this enlightening conversation on the "Retiring and Aspiring" podcast. Subscribe now to stay updated on future episodes and explore more Gospel-centered content on the Resound Podcast Network. To find more gospel-centered resources head to