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Honesty. Integrity. Transparency. These are the key pillars on which both an ethical business—and this podcast are founded. Hosted by the founder and Managing Director of Yorkshire-based ethical recruitment business, Marmion, The Ethical Business Podcast gives listeners powerful insight into the realities behind running a business that aligns with its creator's personal values and ethics. Are you currently running an ethical business or considering establishing a business of your own? Then tune into the conversation every month. Each episode is full of ideas, actions, and hints from Janet McGlaughlin, as well as first-hand experience and lessons from other ethical business owners. read less


Meet Matt - Mapping the future of Marmion
Meet Matt - Mapping the future of Marmion
In this episode of The Ethical Business Podcast, Janet takes the opportunity to interview her co-host Matt, who has recently been promoted onto the executive board of Marmion after being with the company for five years.Since Matt’s introduction to the company in 2017, Janet has been beside Matt supporting him throughout his growth within the Marmion team. Through studying business at school and well into his professional career, Matt explains how he has adapted towards his new role as Executive Director.Janet and Matt take us through their journey of developing ethical business morals and their fight to grow their company post-Brexit and post-pandemic. With a focus on finding rewards through attributes other than monetary gains, Matt explains how the ethics of running a business can alter your priorities.They also offer advice to younger generations who are hoping to enter the world of University and work, highlighting the realities of entering the world of employment. Janet and Matt reflect on the importance of mental well-being within the workplace, accentuating the reality of taking time to work on both your personal and professional self.The different methods of leadership which Janet and Matt speak of within this episode are the main attributes towards the success story of Marmion. These are the lessons which Matt will be taking with him into his future on the executive board, helping to grow and expand Marmion further.