Let's Go Mets, I Guess... featuring Rick Dowell aka Maverick

At The Plate with Danny Foxworth

28-07-2023 • 46 mins

This episode is pretty much half At The Plate, half Since We Last Spoke. Danny chops it up with the homie Rick Dowell aka Maverick about growing up in Wilkesboro, NC,  how he became a UNC fan, how the chiropractor life found him, the benefits of chiro, attending his brother's baseball games, how Dwight Gooden helped in his decision to become a Mets fan, his affinity for pitchers who throw good curveballs, his favorite Mets memories, his hatred for Mahktar N'Diaye, South of The Border and his favorite Charleston restaurants.

You can find Rick on IG @MavRick and Twitter @justcallmemav
You can find Danny on IG @dannyfoxworth843 and Twitter @foxworthdanny