Ep12. 'Blast Off!'. Loud Stuff, Talking Animals & Shrewbot.

Kids Stories, Science & Secrets – Podcast

26-11-2023 • 26 mins

Will The Registrar succeed in its terrible mission? Can Moog save the human race from extinction?

All this... and more... will be revealed!

As you all know, this is a story podcast unlike any other because, after you've enjoyed the audio adventure (9 minutes), Steve Punt, Elaine and Matthew Sweetapple will be explaining more about the science and secrets behind the story. We'll be talking about how little things are changing the world, about talking animals, about loud (and fast) things, and we'll be introducing you to 'Shrewbot'!

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And many more. Search online for your local bee and insect charities and groups.

The Rockford's Rock Opera songs featured in this episode are:

  1. Save the World (Lead Vocal: Elaine Sweetapple)
  2. World News Today (Final Edition) (Lead Vocal: Jess Hodge)

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The Rockford's Rock Opera songs featured in this episode are:

  1. Save the World (Lead Vocal by Elaine Sweetapple, aka the Cocklebur Ick)
  2. World News Today (Final Edition)

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