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Coach Lisa Gilbert

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This Is A Wake-Up Call!
This Is A Wake-Up Call!
You know, there comes a time in our lives when we receive a wake-up call. That jarring situation that takes place to make you take a look at where you are, where you've been, where you might be taking yourself, and the decisions that have gotten you to this place.  It is the call where you can determine what changes you need to make. Then you must have the faith and fortitude to do what is right in order to do better, be better and make a difference with your life. Please take a moment and listen to this podcast.  It might be your Wake-Up Call!As always..... Have an Amazing No-Nonsense Day and please subscribe to receive the podcasts when they are released.For questions, comments or other information, you may contact me at:Email:  or coachlisa@nonontraining.comOffice Phone:  (954) 364-8871   or Cell:  (954) 470-9779 ** Podcast Disclaimer:  Lisa Gilbert is  the CEO and Founder of No-Nonsense Training Solutions, Inc.  She is a Consultant to Public Safety and other City and Corporate Entities.  She is an Organizational Solutions Strategist and Expert Training Facilitator and Professional Development Coach.   Coach Lisa is not a Licensed Therapist and any information shared in her Podcasts are for instructional and professional development purposes only. ©2024 Copyright No-Nonsense Training Solutions, Inc. Thank you for listening! Follow me on LinkedIn as well as Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts and other major podcast platforms.