An autobiography of a white child raised by Blacks in the 50s...

Robert Knauer-- UNFILTERED!

17-12-2022 • 20 mins

This autobiography is about how truth can set you free once you go back in time and realize where you really came from as a child. It’s about how one white child out of many that grew up in Florida were raised, nurtured, loved, educated and cared for by black American women and men. In my case, it was my nanny, our maid, and our family foreman. World War II and the Korean War were over and began a period of American prosperity which was not so prosperous for black Americans. Just like in the movie, “The Help” where black women were depicted as being the backbone of Southern homes raising children, cleaning and cooking meals for white families, my story is more singular in nature and is about myself and the three most important black Americans in my life growing up as a white child in Orlando. If you are not aware of how blacks were treated you should be, and you should seek out the true history of black oppression if you truly want to become educated. I wrote this to get out the story of how many of us (young white Floridians) were raised by truly wonderful people that just happened to be black. So if you don’t like what you read, the just keep it to yourself. I was a born and raised in central Florida (Orlando) in the early 1950s. Like so many white children, how we lived and were reared was taken for granted in the early days after World War II. I will take you through my own personal upbringing from what I can remember of it and how I viewed my nurturing that enabled me to be the man I am