The Darkside Of Entrepreneurship

Angelina Lombardo

The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship Podcast shares the unspoken stories from the dark night of the soul which shape who entrepreneurs truly become. It is dedicated to direct spiritual and intuitively-driven entrepreneurs to identify and remove blocks that stop them from achieving their purpose. Dedicated to helping you uncover the courage to break free from those exhausting cycles of effort that aren’t unlocking the growth you or your business deserve. Her fiery passion is here to help you discover your voice and divine connection. In this podcast, we dive deep into the deconstruction of internalized oppressive structures, as well as the reconstruction of leaders to healed and whole. We offer realistic strategies to practice restorative mechanisms like plant medicine to uproot the causes of emotional distress, while guiding listeners to better navigate the perilous journey from hurt to healed. This is how you transform from a struggling to successful entrepreneur. I know, because I’ve done it. Through my work, I facilitate transformation for entrepreneurs who want to overcome traumatic pasts and current blocks with a unique approach that I call The Inner Authority Method(™). In my Inner Authority Method™, I bring together art, science and the spirit of truth by using a Socratic, Somatic, Empathic and Intuitive approach. “There are no brain hacks.” In other words, it doesn't matter if you become the next Einstein, you can’t think your way around the complexity of the emotional body. Staying aligned with your true purpose and mission will lead to a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey. The key to your success isn’t buried in a business book. It’s within you…covered in layers of trauma, limiting beliefs and energy blocks. Angelina has fought through this interference and guides others to do the same. Whether you're seeking hope in the midst of a crisis or are looking for deeper spiritual alignment in your business, I am here with you. Tune in and discover your Inner Authority™ read less