Round 153 - Booze Brothers

The HOP: A Craft Beer Podcast

02-11-2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

The HOP is back in California this week, heading down to the San Diego area for a stop at Booze Brothers Brewing Company! Booze Brothers was founded by David & Donny Firth, (the titular brothers,) in 2008, beginning as a garage hobby and growing quickly into 3 taprooms and an impressive beer lineup. Focused on delivering innovative takes on classic beer styles, the company continues to expand its reach, now distributing to much of the west coast. If that wasn’t enough, they also operate two event spaces as well as a sibling pizza company, aptly named Pizza Bros! Join our honorary “booze bros,” Stephen & Gabe, as they sample a pair of beers from the core lineup and take a look at all that this SoCal brewery has to offer.

Featured beers: Gonzo Mania Japanese Lager & Ramble On DDH West Coast IPA. Plus: An Atlanta construction company made an “oopsies” and one woman is not happy about it!

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