050: Is Playing Safe in Business Keeping You Small?

Next Level Influence

06-08-2023 • 28 mins

Entrepreneurs are likely to face significant moments in their lives when they have to make crucial choices. These decisions can either lead them to greater success or keep them in their comfort zones. In this episode of Next Level Influence, Melanie Benson and Samantha Riley chat about the pitfalls of playing safe in business. It is said that in the world of business, fortune will always favour the brave and this entails breaking through things that hold us back and keeping a lid on our potential. Staying in what’s familiar may minimise risks but opting to always play safe can have far-reaching consequences that hinder an entrepreneur's visibility, thought leadership, and potential results. Discover the impact of playing it safe on your progress and learn how to avoid its traps, so you can embrace new opportunities and reach new heights. Don't miss this episode to learn more!