Best of 2023: What's It Like To Live With ADHD?

Good Journeys with Ben Veal

05-12-2023 • 5 mins

Diagnosed with ADHD as a child, Helena Hills, co-founder and CEO of TrueStart Coffee, is a self-described Neurodiversity champion who has been on a real journey of self-discovery - and now considers ADHD to be a key ingredient in driving TrueStart forward. It's only been in recent years that Helena has started to come to terms with - and accepted - her neurodiversity as a key strand of her identity. "I find emotions really hard to regulate; this is really common for people with ADHD," Helena shares openly on the #GoodJourneysPod. "I feel emotions deeply. I have this paralysing level of empathy for others and I find that quite often really overwhelming. I feel emotion physically through every bone in my body. I used to think, how are other people just going through life, hiding that pain so well? And the fact that they're not feeling it just explains everything!" #neurodiversity #adhd #neurodivergent #smallbusinessowner #truestartcoffee Watch the full interview with Helena: Also available as a #podcast via Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts: Produced for Second Mountain Comms by Loretz Visuals.


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