021 | Bronwyne Billington

Good Journeys with Ben Veal

11-09-2023 • 1 hr 3 mins

'The Dynamite Kid' Tom Billington is widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers to come out of the United Kingdom - a trailblazing athlete whose high-flying, high-intensity grappling style paved the way for future generations of wrestling superstars. #wwe #wrestlinghistory #britishbulldogs #wwf #dynamitekid #tigermask A WWF superstar and tag team champion alongside Davey Boy Smith, multiple time All Japan Pro Wrestling and Stampede Wrestling champion, and Wrestling Observer Hall of Famer, The Dynamite Kid had a hugely successful career - but his days in the squared circle were prematurely cut short due to injury, forcing Billington to retire in 1991. He would move back to the UK shortly after hanging up the boots, and remain in England until passing away in 2018 on his 60th birthday. Bronwyne Billington, daughter of The Dynamite Kid, joins the 'Good Journeys with Second Mountain' podcast and YouTube show with Ben Veal to share her memories of her father - both exploring the influence he had on so many within the sport, but also his influence as a father. Candid, open and honest, Bronwyne talks about the challenges of growing up without her father's constant presence, her dad leaving when she was aged just six, reconnecting with her father during her teenage years, and the pair rekindling their relationship and love for one another during his final years. Bronwyne also talks about her father's upbringing and values, life as part of the famous Hart wrestling family, and her thoughts on today's pro wrestling product. Like this episode? Show your appreciation by subscribing to the show and letting us know what you think! #GoodJourneysPod ***************************************************************************************************** This episode of 'Good Journeys with Second Mountain' is brought to you in partnership with our friends at Resilient Leaders Elements: https://tinyurl.com/2edzmvfe Leadership begins with about resilience - and Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE) are focused on making world class leadership development available to all, training people worldwide to build the skillsets needed to become resilient leaders. RLE’s highly respected Resilient Leaders Development Programme is a bespoke development tool that’s perfect for leaders of all levels - and you can sign up now. So if you want to turbo-charge your leadership growth, and become more resilient both in the workplace and in your personal life, there’s never been a better time to start your journey. ***************************************************************************************************** You may also like: Steven Bell - What happened to The British Bulldogs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IItzNcVqaHs&t=2s Nick Aldis - When was pro wrestling's golden era? https://youtu.be/XG9miN7413Y?si=gmYz9nZAoLy-GA7Z Stevie Richards - What made ECW so awesome? https://youtu.be/eGx2uP-UEOU?si=sIwtXnGsqyJj9hNe

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