The Greg Cote Show with Greg Cote

Greg Cote

Each week, Greg Cote, the longtime Miami Herald columnist and regular on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, offers his serious and not-so-serious takes on the sports world in South Florida, and beyond. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Greg Cote Show with Greg Cote is a Florida-based sports podcast. The program allows the columnist to reach listeners, new and old, in podcast form. The title indicates that the show has a fun, light touch.

For many years, Greg Cote has been providing sports coverage for the Miami Herald. With The Greg Cote Show with Greg Cote, the columnist and commentator can add "podcaster" to his resume. Cote has long been a fixture in South Florida and has become well-known for his coverage of both the Miami and the national sports scene. He often brings an incisive sense of humor to his coverage. Those who have been reading his column for years know how passionate he is about South Florida sports. This podcast has these same outspoken views.

Cote is more than a columnist, though he provides radio commentary as well. Moreover, he is a cohost of The Dan LeBatard Show. On that program, he provides his thoughts on the NFL and other sports leagues. The two are longtime friends and were coworkers until 2016.

The Greg Cote Show with Greg Cote is also a collaborative endeavor for the host. His cohost on the podcast is none other than his own son, Chris Cote. There are definitely some generational differences between the two. A good amount of the show's humor stems from this fact, but it is always playful.

Cote's primary areas of interest on The Greg Cote Show with Greg Cote are the NFL and the NBA. Listeners who are fans of the Miami Dolphins or the Miami Heat are likely to enjoy this podcast. Cote and his son provide insights from the point of view of longtime fans.

The show discusses the Florida Panthers, the area's NHL team, as well. College sports are also a part of this podcast, though they do not make up the bulk of its content. Each episode of The Greg Cote Show with Greg Cote is about 45 minutes in length. New episodes of the podcast premiere each Monday.

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