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The Affiliate Marketing Diaries Podcast asks established affiliate marketing professionals to share their experiences, good and bad, with you so that you can run better affiliate programs.

Each episode is a new conversation covering everything from the first click to the last referrer. Interesting things are shared by every guest, and there are useful program management tips to be gained from every listen.

The series is an invaluable resource to help you develop your affiliate programs and publisher partnerships.

Whether you are a fledgling affiliate exec or a seasoner manager of multiple programs, the Affiliate Marketing Diaries podcast has something for you.

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Danilo with David Atkinson
Danilo with David Atkinson
In this insightful episode of The Affiliate Marketing Diaries, listeners receive valuable advice from David Atkinson of Danilo Promotions on launching and running a successful affiliate marketing program, particularly when considering partnering with a specialist affiliate marketing agency. David shares his recent journey into affiliate marketing, emphasising the power of this channel to boost online sales while maintaining crucial profit margins.Listeners will discover the importance of having a financial model and understanding your unique product profile when entering affiliate marketing. David highlights how leveraging Danilo's extensive licensed products—from Disney to Premier League teams—can create appealing opportunities for affiliate partnerships that drive new customer segments without cannibalizing existing sales.The episode also delves into the operational aspects of integrating affiliate marketing into existing business structures, ensuring that the process complements current operations without the need for cumbersome adjustments.By sharing his first-hand experiences Danilo's Head of E‑commerce, David Atkinson, lays out actionable advice on optimising affiliate links, selecting the right partners, and maximising conversions. He explains why investing in an agency can be invaluable, allowing businesses to tap into expert knowledge and resources often unavailable from in-house marketing teams, ultimately providing a seamless and profitable affiliate marketing program from the outset.This episode is a must-listen for any affiliate marketing professional considering engaging an agency to help launch or manage their affiliate marketing endeavours. It offers practical insights, guidance on navigating initial challenges, and strategic tips for long-term success in this dynamic online marketing landscape.Tune in and learn from David's experiences and understand how an alliance with the right agency will position your affiliate marketing efforts for commercial success. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
SMARTY Mobile with Geordie White
SMARTY Mobile with Geordie White
Welcome to the second episode of The Affiliate Marketing Diaries. This time we speak with Geordie White from SMARTY Mobile, unpacking the role of acquisitions in moulding new publishers and affiliates and the pivotal part transparency and attribution play. Together, we explore the intelligent use of payment models for spend optimisation and the advantage of benchmarking tools for affiliate networks. We also touch on how agencies can be allies for SME brands. They’ll delve into performance-based results and real-time lead management within the affiliate model.This episode sheds light on the rising trend of B2B marketing in the affiliate landscape and the power of tech innovations. Geordie will underline the value of attribution tech in decoding customer journeys and evaluating partnerships. Learn about companies that offer nifty prospecting solutions and the necessity of brand alignment to filter out unproductive leads. Enjoy Geordie's open narrative on his affiliate marketing journey, early adoption of onsite tech partnerships, and strong lead generation strategies. Geordie also shares unique insights into influencer marketing, with a nod to the importance of having the right platform and clear brand audience alignment.Wrapping up, Geordie stresses the significance of a sturdy foundation, knowing your key partners, and the magic of data in propelling program growth. So, get cosy and let's dive deep into the intriguing world of affiliate marketing! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.