212: After Action Live Review

Leading Learning Podcast

12-11-2019 • 25 mins

With the launch of a new event recently behind us, we wanted to devote some time to reflect on the experience. And, as we have done with past Leading Learning events, we are utilizing the After Action Review (AAR) as a framework to guide that reflection process.

For those that might not be aware, the new event - Live Review 2019 - was a two-day, entirely online offering that allowed participants a chance to get targeted demos from 14 learning platforms focused on learning businesses and committed to serving organizations that market and sell lifelong learning, continuing education, and professional development.

In this episode of the Leading Learning Podcast, Jeff and Celisa reflect on Live Review using the guiding components of AAR: what it is they set out to do, what actually happened, why there was a difference between the two (if there was one), and what they will continue and/or change going forward.

Full show notes available at https://www.leadinglearning.com/episode212.

We are grateful to our sponsor for this quarter, Community Brands:


Community Brands provides a suite of cloud-based software for organizations to engage and grow relationships with the individuals they serve, including association management software, learning management software, job board software, and event management software. Community Brands’ award-winning Crowd Wisdom learning platform is among the world’s best LMSes for corporate extended enterprise and is a leading LMS for association-driven professional education programs. Award-winning Freestone, Community Brands’ live event learning platform, is a leading platform for live learning event capture, Webinars, Webcasts, and on-demand streaming.

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