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Myron Parks

My name is Myron. I'm...thinking of what to do next, but I'm busy for now. Stay with me, I have some things to clear before we rebuild, and continue the of building this amazing community. read less
Something Something Something... "Are We There Yet Tho?"
Something Something Something... "Are We There Yet Tho?"
And so, this is the reconciliation part of truth and reconciliation. You don't get to enter back into the lives of people until you are there. And, I have to tell you, we absolutely know when you are. And I owe the very concept of my personhood to two people, who showed me the path..."because I had to" (-Morpheus). Because, like him, he was willing to give everything he could. J.O. and J.P., this is exactly what you meant. Together we can do amazing things, but we have to actually know what being "together" means, when it comes to these things. The two of you introduced me to the fact that there are, more types of brown people than there are stars in the sky. You just have to do the work to find them. Now, I am taking a break, so that I can finish my Expert blah blah blah (super important thing I actually spent POUNDS STERLING in 2019, before the value dropped), so that my business can have more options and potential to serve more people. But, while I'm gone, I'm gonna run back some re-runs. However, I want you to watch for something. I want you to watch for the moment the visibly white people began to believe the show was more valuable than I could be trusted to be involved. In other words, when the value of the neighborhood got high enough, I was no longer welcome there. Or not. If you're not there, these were still amazing shows. So, enjoy! Oh, and Tyson, I know you are hurting. You have a full story and life of pain to unpack. Your words are dust to me, because no adult would punish a 9 year old for trying to learn how to work through feelings. You see Tyson, I know you were never nurtured. And you had to raise yourself, by yourself, becuase no was is ever paying attention to the middle child, especially when you have a fucking rocket scientist candidate oldest, and a fucking space cadet the youngest. You were erased, and for that I empathize with you. But you are dust, sir. I am "literally unbelievable", but sir, I do not have magic, and I cannot speak to ghosts. Silly, rabbit.