A career pivoting journey: transitioning from retail buyer to content writer - Valerie Mekki

Burn From Within

29-10-2021 • 42 mins

On this week’s episode, we have Valerie Mekki who used to be a retail buyer and product developer for major fashion brands for over 18 years and now she is a content writer and loves it!

In this interview, Valerie fascinatingly shares her career pivots including becoming an entrepreneur, returning to a 9-5 and a lot more! We discuss:

  • The false security of job security
  • How accreditations and side projects can really help in your career transitions
  • The mindset to handle your ego being crushed when working more junior roles in a new career
  • How to deal with tough times during your career transition
  • Practical ways to make money from your years or decades of previous career experience
  • A golden mindset trick to becoming prolific in sharing what you do on social media
  • How to restore balance during your transition so you don't burn out


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