How NLP and design thinking can really help in your career or life change - Global NLP Conference interview

Burn From Within

05-11-2021 • 44 mins

In this episode, I was interviewed by the Global NLP Conference about how to make big life decisions you won’t regret. Angela Wells, co-founder of the conference, asks some great questions which allows me to share:

  • What key tools I personally use to make decisions to live a life true to myself and actually do it not just think it
  • How you can shift from analysis paralysis and being stuck in life
  • One killer NLP strategy to transform your motivation to take action
  • How to take back control when your career or life problems seem impossible to solve
  • How to not sweat the small stuff and spend your time more wisely
  • The commonalities between my guests on the Burn From Within podcast on how they made hugely successful life and career changing decisions
  • How Covid has changed everything in people’s minds and why The Great Resignation is happening right now


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